There is a Diabetes Deception Going On... And I'm LIVID That The Tragic LIES Of Current Diabetes "Treatments" May Have Already MURDERED YOU.

For years, Barton Publishing has led a diabetes revolution. Leading the way is our very own Dr. Scott Saunders, MD. He's helped thousands of people reverse diabetes already.

These people have reversed their diabetes in just 4 weeks, and gotten their doctor's astounded permission to stop their diabetes meds!

How? By using simple but effective methods... and eating delicious foods!

We call it Barton Stew... just lean beef or chicken, beans, onions, broccoli, and cauliflower... add water, and stew in a crockpot for 3 to 4 hours!

Serve it up with some delicious & diabetes-friendly ezekiel bread and you get a meal that tastes great and balances blood sugar!

Our system is just this simple, just this delicious, and just this easy. Now, you need to know, our attorney, the FDA, and the FTC will not allow us to call our method the diabetes cure!

What you call it is up to you!

Diabetes Is The Plague

Here's some data from The American Diabetes Association:

  • 25.8 Million Children And Adults Have Diabetes
  • 18.8 Million Have Been Diagnosed
  • 7 Million Are Undiagnosed
  • 79 Million People Have Pre-Diabetes

And that's just in America. It's getting worse all over the world with the spread of S.A.D. (Standard American Diet).

The scariest part is that it's totally preventable, and reversible.

Now here's the good news. If you have this "Plague of the 21st Century," a few things are certain. You can control Diabetes AND the underlying reason that's causing it, in less than 4 weeks from now using these specific unique home remedies we've discovered.

Right now, you're probably frustrated about your diabetes. Perhaps even a little scared. Maybe you're already suffering from some of the uncomfortable symptoms that are caused by diabetic drugs!

Many diabetics are tortured with poor circulation and vision problems, both a constant reminder that they're in danger, that their health is like a ticking bomb just waiting to go off!

Maybe you worry you're going to suffer from neuropathy, lose your vision to glaucoma, or even need to have fingers, toes, or even limbs amputated.


Read this page until the end to discover the weird natural remedies that reverse diabetes in as little as 4 weeks without:

  • taking insulin
  • sticking yourself with needles
  • having to take even more dangerous meds that destroy your body's natural healing response system

We will reveal the 3 dangerous but common doctor recommendations you absolutely must avoid if you want to control your diabetes.

And this is new.

We have new science that shows why our system worked so well for the many who now call themselves former diabetics.

Now, you may think that you've seen and heard it all when it comes to diabetes remedies Yet, I can guarantee you that you've never seen this, not even from us!

So prepare to be shocked by what I reveal to you today...

And remember: what I'm sharing will finally allow you the freedom to control your diabetes without cramping your lifestyle.

But first, a word about who this is actually for...

When you have diabetes, your blood glucose levels are too high. This is because glucose remains in your blood instead of entering cells, where it belongs.

Now for glucose to get into a cell, you need insulin, and your cells have to be "hungry" for glucose.

There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. If you have type 1 diabetes, your body just doesn't make insulin.

Conventional wisdom tells us that means insulin shots are the only way to keep your blood glucose levels down to normal.

If you have type 2 diabetes you have two problems! First, you don't make quite enough insulin and the cells of your body don't take in glucose as eagerly as they should.

Our method is perfect for reversing type ii diabetes, and that's what we're going to focus on. While type I diabetes is a very different condition, our recommendations can be helpful even for type I diabetics.

That leads us to the 3 Conventional Treatments For Diabetes. Before I get to your solution, let's get a few things straight. You might be the victim of a lot of misinformation:

  • If you are frustrated with your diabetes diagnosis..
  • If you're tired of sticking yourself with needles...
  • If you're tired of taking expensive and dangerous drugs...
  • If you're sick to death of eating bland, tasteless, and boring food, all while seeing no results...

Then you're going to want to hear what I have to say. You're going to want to read this page to the very end...

If you've ever worried about the possibility of your diabetes causing a heart attack, blindness, stroke, or amputations...

Or any of the other horrible side effects of this disease, this could be the most important letter you ever read.

Here's the good news:

You can stop diabetes damage, pre- diabetes, syndrome x, and blood sugar woes once and for all. And you can do it in 4 weeks or less!

And when you're done, your doctor will confirm you have been healed of diabetes.

Now, here's what I promised earlier...

3 Doctor-Recommended Treatments You MUST Avoid

So, what are these 3 treatments and why should you avoid them?

#1 is Oral Medication

The first line of treatment by the medical community is, of course... Pills.

You can only use pills to manage your diabetes if you have type 2 diabetes. Even taking the pills, they work best along with meal planning and exercise. You should be aware that diabetes pills don't work for everyone.

Another important thing to know is diabetes pills sometimes stop working after a while. Nobody knows why. Even worse, you might still need to take insulin.

And pills may not control your blood glucose levels during stressful times. Stress causes blood glucose levels to shoot up.

#2 is Insulin Therapy

Insulin is a body hormone made by the pancreas. People with diabetes are prescribed insulin, either because their bodies don't produce insulin (type 1 diabetes) or do not use insulin properly (type 2 diabetes).

Reasons you may start on insulin:

  • Your blood glucose levels
  • Time you've had diabetes
  • Other medicines you're taking
  • Your general health

You can't take insulin as a pill, because it gets broken down during digestion. It has to be injected into the fat underneath your skin. That's the only way for it to get into your blood.

You must be very careful with the timing and dosage of your insulin. Taking the wrong amount, or taking it at the wrong time, can create problems. Many people don't like having to always carry insulin and lots of us don't like sticking ourselves with needles!

#3 Other Injectables

Besides insulin, there are two other injectable drugs used to treat diabetes.

Symlin is a synthetic form of the hormone amylin. Amylin is produced along with insulin. Amylin, insulin, and another hormone, glucagon, work together to maintain normal blood glucose levels.

Byetta is the first in a new class of drugs called incretin mimetics. Byetta is a synthetic version of a naturally-occurring hormone that was first discovered in the saliva of a lizard.

No joke!

While these drugs have been shown to be helpful, remember they are new drugs! We don't know any of their long term side effects.

And since they cannot be taken at the same time as insulin, they can make life complicated, risky and confusing.

As you can see...Traditional medical approaches have a lot of negative side effects.

The Good News For You

Not only did we figure out how to control your diabetes and eliminate drugs and needles, we figured out how to do it naturally, safely, and quickly! It's more effective than drugs – and much safer, too.

Stop type 1 diabetes in its tracks – and completely control type 2 diabetes, using simple home remedies and your body's natural systems!

By the way, this method is so inexpensive; it might as well be free (and once you realize how much you've saved in medical fees, you'll realize it's better than free).

And best of all, it's proven to be simple and easy to use by patients and former diabetics all over the world.

And thanks to our ongoing development work, we have rebuilt, expanded, and improved this "Diabetes Solution Kit".

It's the most complete, most effective diabetes solution we have ever offered... And we promise you it will work.

Obviously, this new way of treating diabetes where you get to live needle-free, without expensive, dangerous drugs will change your entire life...

And i'll cover all the specifics and details in just a few minutes with you, including how you can get the kit risk free. So, keep reading...

But first...

You Must Be Told The Truth

You have to know about the real problem...The real reason you are struggling with diabetes today...And it will surprise you:

Because it's the one thing that's been holding you back from getting free from pills and pokey needles...

The real problem is the fact that you've been lied to for years...

One of these lies is that you "have to take the pills or the needle"... I bet you've heard that one or maybe even believed this at one point in your life... Yet:

This is not even close to the truth...

If you are one of the millions who fell victim to this lie, then you must decide now to believe the truth instead. Because if you don't, you will continue down the road of the "suffering sick."

Your pills and needles, and their side effects and pain, can make you worse, halting your body's natural healing process...

Dead In Its Tracks

And, eventually, no matter how strong you are, you simply give up... On controlling your diabetes, and on your dream of a normal life. And, this is the reason that your struggle with diabetes is not your fault...

If you really want to blame something for your struggles with diabetes, don't blame yourself...

Instead, you can blame the big pharmaceutical companies who peddle pills for profit!

You've been bombarded for almost as long as you've been alive with false, misleading claims from these crooks and they depend on your suffering to make a buck!

All the misinformation out there that the big pharma industry loves to exploit is enough to confuse anybody.

The truth is you should never, ever just accept that you "must" take these dangerous drugs even for a few days... Why?!

The side effects are often worse than the disease itself...

Plus: the "relief" they bring is short-lived and diminishes over time!

Here Is Lie #2. This one is the granddaddy of all the diabetes deceptions.

This is the lie that you have to just accept this disease and "adapt" to your limitations...

Well, guess again! This is as wrong as it gets!

If you believe this lie, let me tell you what will happen to you: Your pain and agony will increase without an end in sight and your hope and joy will slowly die out.

And of course, you may already know that diabetes increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, neuropathy, glaucoma and even blindness or amputation!

Well, just like that first nasty lie... there's some good news.

It's Not Your Fault

You are not to blame for falling for this lie. The real villain here is certainly not you... It's actually the same crooks who sold you the first lie!

Now, I like big pharma when they help, and they often do, yet the sad fact is that most big pharma companies don't know squat about how to control your diabetes.

That's because most of them have never looked for safe, natural remedies and healing foods.

And very few understand the power and principles behind alternative health remedies.

Because our "secret" is: food is medicine!

And big pharma can not make millions by selling you vegetable, herbs, and spices!

Now that you know the problem, that your healing has been held back due to lies you've been told, let's dive into the specific tips I promised you for today.

These are the same tips that countless thousands have used to successfully achieve the diabetes relief they desire and deserve.

And the most important of these tips is our famous "weird spice kitchen cabinet remedy."

I'll go into specifics on the "weird spice kitchen cabinet remedy" in just a second, so by all means, keep reading.

The good news is your remedy is not really complicated. It's actually simple.

You Only Need to Focus on 3 Things!

First, you absolutely need to know about the one thing you must avoid if you want to control your diabetes.

Actually, this is not really going to surprise you:

Improve your diet and eliminate foods high in sugar and carbs.

Avoid refined sugars, breads – and most "white stuff."

You don't have to go crazy, and so much of this is easy. Just cut out the obvious stuff, like ice cream and sugary soda. Just doing this 1 tip will help you begin to lower your blood sugar quick and easy.

Just Picture It

You make this small change... And without sacrificing other foods you can enjoy, you're on your way to a life free from worries about diabetes!

Isn't that an awesome thing to imagine, all from such a simple tip?!

Of course you might wonder how you can do this, especially if you've tried to control your eating and failed.

Here's the good news. 90% of controlling what you eat is in your mind-set. When you know how to make this internal shift in your thinking (and it's easy!), you'll find this first step to be easy.

Now, how would you like to actually enjoy taking the simple, easy steps you know will control your diabetes and make you feel great like you once did?!

If you take advantage of this next simple tip, you will, and you'll also improve your general health.

All you need to do is a simple easy change in your lifestyle, not a "diet" or "crazy exercise," just one little exercise that requires a simple pen and paper. I want you to write down 5 foods you know are good for you, and that you enjoy.

Just 5 for now... okay?!

Foods that are high in nutrients and low in sugar... Lean beef. Vegetables you enjoy. Chicken. Beans.

C'mon, there are thousands of great- tasting foods that are good for you. Just like the foods that make up that barton stew I told you about earlier!

Once your get your list your next task is super-simple: refuse to eat foods except the ones you love!

This sounds very obvious... But guess what?!

Most People Are Deceived About Their Diet

Most people believe that they have to give up all good foods and eat only the ones that they hate, to defeat their diabetes...Lie!

We have compiled a complete shopping list of diabetes- healing foods for you... But more about that in a minute...

This gets even better... Here comes ...

Really Big, Massive, Crucial Tip #3

Warning: without using tip #3, you can forget about those other tips helping you control your diabetes...

This is the tip that will allow you to live life just like when you didn't have diabetes at all.

While still enjoying as much of many of your favorite foods you want!

It's our exclusive, weird & now famous "kitchen-cabinet remedy"!

We've become well-known for discovering "weird remedies" for many modern ailments...Remedies you may already have the ingredients for in your own kitchen cabinet.

And that is just what we have for you today - the "kitchen cabinet remedy" for diabetes.

If you don't already have some of the ingredients, you can get them easy, safe and cheap at your grocery or health food store.

You can be defeating diabetes and the underlying problems that cause it, before you wake up tomorrow... Using a unique home remedy we've discovered!

Here's one of our most powerful remedies... That has become famous because of our program...We call this "the double c" diabetes remedy!

The "secret ingredient" is...


It's been proven to help metabolize glucose and to fight free radical damage to cells (that happens when you have high blood sugar).

Even better, studies show Cinnamon also lowers cholesterol, protecting against heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

It seems too good to be true, that this delicious and familiar spice is a diabetes super-nutrient.

But research over the last five years validates the magic.

So what's the other "c" in the "Double C Diabetes Remedy"?

Here it is...

Chromium Picolonate!

Dr. Ryan bradley runs the natural medicine diabetes clinic at bastyr university in seattle.

He's treated hundreds of patients who have successfully weaned off type 2 medications completely, or to a great extent.

He highly recommends Chromium...

What Chromium appears to do is help insulin stick to cell walls so insulin receptors can take up glucose.

You do have to be careful with Chromium, to make sure your blood sugar levels don't get too low. Using Cinnamon and Chromium together in the correct combination is a cornerstone to our entire natural remedy for diabetes.

We've put together a complete step-by- step system (that our customers are raving about) to relieve your diabetes using safe, natural and proven alternative treatments and home remedies.

You don't need to search any further - we've done all the work, so all you need to do is read the reports, put them to use, and get on with enjoying your life again, without the miseries of diabetes!

Our reports will help arm you with the tools necessary to control the adverse effects of the disease through proper diet, natural remedies, and preventative treatments.

And in just a minute, i'll explain how to get our new & improved "Diabetes Solution Kit" risk-free!

Okay, that was a lot to cover, and you may be feeling overwhelmed or confused, and that's okay.

You Have Two Choices

Choice 1:
Take the information in this presentation and try to go at it alone, and who knows? Maybe you'll see some success if you took really careful notes.

Choice 2:
The smart choice! This is the quickest, easiest, and smartest way to get the relief and healing you deserve:

Let us do the work for you, and you know, we already have!

Why start from scratch and try to reinvent the wheel when we've laid out your exact, step-by-step blueprint for controlling your diabetes already?!

One that's been tested for years, one that's responsible for countless thousands of our customers living diabetes-worry-free and in control of diabetes, at last, without needles or dangerous, expensive drugs and their side effects!

Here's what the vast majority of our clients who have diabetes or diabetes-like symptoms choose:

The Diabetes Solution Kit

The Diabetes Solution Kit is the first all-natural diabetes remedy plan ever created that allows you to reverse diabetes!

This radically simple plan will work for you even if you have:

  • high blood-sugar
  • a lot of excess weight
  • diabetes complications
  • type 2 or type 1 diabetes
  • family history of diabetes


  • Even if you think you've tried everything!

You've been lied to enough! It's time for a solution that works without the gimmicks...

And, this is definitely not a big pharma approach that can harm your body forever...

Rather, the Diabetes Solution Kit is the result of years of study, analyzing the most successful long-term diabetes remedy case studies ever...

And now, starting today, their successes can be your success, too!

The success patterns we studied and successfully duplicated give you the freedom to...

  • Live free from needles and pills...
  • And finally reclaim the life you absolutely deserve...
  • So, if you're wanting the real answer to control your diabetes, then here's what you can expect:

If you want to:

  • Learn about diabetes and the treatments, both natural and traditional...
  • Improve your diet to eliminate foods that harm you!
  • Supplement your diet with diabetes-targeted vitamins & herbs.
  • Overcome the debilitating effects diabetes could have on your future... Health and wellness!
  • Put an end to pills, poky needles, and the stigma and humiliation of diabetes...

Then the Diabetes Solution Kit isn't just "a" system for you, it is the only system for you!

Maxi Valenzuela got our Diabetes Solution Kit wrote in to say...

"In 6 days, my morning blood sugar dropped from 136 to 87, averaging over the next 5 days at 89, no higher than 94. Plus, I dropped 8 pounds too."

Homer Rhea wrote to us...

"I've been type 2 for 5 years. I read your Diabetes Solution Kit because I got help from your kidney stone report. I lowered my blood sugar almost immediately."!

Here's What You're Getting

Let's take a look at what you will receive inside your copy of the Diabetes Solution Kit:

First, a comprehensive guide to diabetes and the treatments, both traditional and alternative, that work!

Then there's your personal meal exercise planner - simple, easy to follow... You won't even have to think about this ever again.!

You'll see plans that are simple, safe, and effective treatments for your diabetes, and you've probably noticed by now, the Diabetes Solution Kit is the easiest diabetes remedy to follow.

It allows you to treat your diabetes cheaply, safely, and easily. Giving you back your lifestyle freedom.

The results come fast too...

In fact, many Diabetes Solution Kit users report that they get their diabetes controlled as little as four weeks!

And that is amazing considering they are seeing these results and experiencing this transformation while living a normal life...

Now, you may believe that a system that can do this probably costs a pretty penny...

And in all honesty?

It really should... After all, this system has helped thousands of folks just like you control their diabetes quickly...

The price of the Diabetes Solution Kit system sold by itself could be valued at $99...

But you are getting the entire kit for much less, when you take us up on the special offer I'm about to explain to you now...

Plus, you're not getting just the Diabetes Solution Kit system today:

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Here's your 3rd free gift... The quick and easy Carb Counting Cheat Sheet. Now, you'll always know what's in that food you're about to eat! Price: $27 free!

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Here's your 4th free gift... The Diabetes Grocery List which makes going to the grocery store as simple as "paint by numbers"... No more wondering what to buy... Or what not to buy! Price: $27 free!

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Of course you could choose to just continue on the path you're on right now and pay 10...20...Maybe even 100 times this much money in the near future in the form of more expensive drugs, doctors, etc.

And let's not even talk about deadly heart problems, strokes, and other complications that will eventually happen if you just keep doing what you're doing now...

And that isn't what I want for you!

Let's Make This a Really Easy Decision

We feel you deserve to know why we're about to offer you such a massive deal today...

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A few years ago, we set an inspiring goal:

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You've been struggling with your diabetes for far too long...

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And continued decline!

Yet, all of this can change the moment you begin applying the quick-start principles in the Diabetes Solution Kit system...

Picture the moment you finally have the answer you've been looking for and begin the path to the healthy "you"...

  • You feel alive...
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Your diabetes suffering and shame, up until today, has largely been no fault of your own... it's true you've been lied to by all the expensive drug company solutions... and the false promises no one stands behind...

However, today marks your day to take responsibility to take the action necessary

To put an end to the lies, and begin anew on a true lifestyle- friendly diabetes remedy plan that simply works!

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