3 Diabetes Alternatives for Spontaneous Recovery


Hello Health Seeker,

There are so many issues going on all around us that it’s easy to be distracted from what really matters the most . . . your diabetes.

The world may be too busy to stop and address your personal health issue, that’s why I’m here to help you. I know your world revolves around whether you’re making progress or not and it’s my business to make certain you are.

I can’t think of a more satisfying feeling than helping someone else, especially in health matters. As you already know, to help others you must first help yourself. That’s why self-education before self-medication is so important.

Western medicine’s preoccupation with treating just symptoms has become popular knowledge these days. That’s why more and more practices are accepting the value self-health care through Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM.)

Today at least one out of three are using CAM to help their diabetes and its complications.

The clear difference is that CAM treats the whole person rather than only the symptoms. Because of the comparative success of CAM, last year the National Institutes of Health (NIH) invested nearly $70 million in “Five Realms of CAM Healing:”

Awareness of the evidence supporting the benefits of these “5 Realms of Healing” is growing among practitioners and laymen alike. New NIH studies are revealing three of the five are particularly helpful for diabetes care. The “Three Realms” of CAM most likely to reveal a cure for diabetes are:

Everything from vitamineral therapy, magnetic therapy to touch therapy, like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) visualizes the whole person in relation to the entire body. Understanding the functional relationship between food, energy and “genuine care” goes way beyond just treating a part of the body.

Under the light of this understanding Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) can help your body heal through self-regulation and self-health care.

For diabetics, learning early intervention skills can address the root cause of diabetes and naturally reverse it.

Live well,

Martin Jacobse
Medical Investigator

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