Don’t Get Robbed of Your Health

Hello health-treasure seeker,

One of the greatest political and spiritual leaders of India, Mahatma Gandhi said, "It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."

Your health is a treasure and like any treasure it must be protected and while it is being protected, it must be nurtured and properly maintained.

There is another wise quote I’ve heard from the Christian Bible, “Neither a lender nor a borrower be ...”

Your body can be either a coffin full of death and disease, or a treasure chest full of riches beyond a king’s ransom. You see, you cannot buy back your health, as Benjamin Franklin once said, “Lost time is never found again, “ he was one of the founding fathers of the United States of America.

I often wonder what those founding fathers would have to say about our fiscal and physical health these days?

If you have a disease caused by under-nutrition, like diabetes, you need to make some checks and balances ASAP. There is a plague going around America today. It’s an epidemic called “irresponsibility.”

One definition of irresponsibility is, “One who is unlikely to be called to account by a higher authority.” Another is, “One who is mentally or financially unfit to assume responsibility for one’s actions.”

Let me ask you, “Are you being fiscally and physically responsible?”

Now I might have to apologize to some people out there, but I believe the majority of my readers understand this problem and are taking steps to correct it themselves.

Hearing you have diabetes is not a bed-time story; it’s a wake-up call!

The root cause of irresponsibility is apathy. We simply need to stop treating the symptoms by punishing ourselves and address the root cause of the problem. For much the same reason that America’s health is in shambles, our financial structure is having a serious melt-down.

You cannot keep borrowing without putting back-in more than you take-out. This is a basic law of nature and survival. I know people who are suffering from diabetic complications and they are struggling just to survive.

We all hopefully have a higher purpose than simply surviving or sustaining . . . life is designed for abundant growth right up to the end.

Diabetes is like an over drawn account. The nutrients that provide abundant life in your cells have been drawn against and over taxed repeatedly. Quite frankly, as with most degenerative health issues, as with diabetes, your metabolic credit rating is shot, Ka-puts.

It’s time to return to the natural principles that created your treasure chest and the treasure within it and start investing in yourself with whatever you have left.

Over-spending and borrowing are just bad habits just like eating junk foods and popping meds. It’s a bad health habit that will bankrupt every cell in your body.

You have more than 50 trillion cells that you call your body. Imagine, if you had 50 trillion ATM machines and they all had one dollar in them, what would you do? The more ATM machines you have the safer your money is. If you put it all in one ATM machine you defeat the purpose of being in business and you risk being robbed of it all.

Your body is like a vast global banking system, so be responsible and learn how to protect, account for and balance your health from the cellular level up.

Why allow diabetes to rob you of all you have left. Make a stand and fight back by making wise food choices and educating yourself instead of medicating yourself.

Live well,
Martin Jacobse
Medical Investigator

P.S. If diabetes has you stuck in a state of recession, don’t allow yourself to fall into a depression, make sound investment choices from now on by getting the scoop on diabetes, nutrition and Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM).

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