March 4, 2011

How To Increase Insulin Sensitivity And Cure Diabetes

Magnesium Foods for Cell Membrane Health for Natural Healing from Diabetes

Magnesium Foods for Cell Membrane Health for Natural Healing from Diabetes

In the search for a better diabetes cure, scientists have learned that your recovery depends solely on the quality of cell membrane health.

They’ve discovered that the surface of every cell acts like a super computer equipped with a sophisticated array of sensors.

These “sensors” literally perceive the environment around them as they interact with millions of electrical and chemical messages.

The more “sensitive” a cell is to perceive and sense these signals, then the healthier the cell. Hence, the healthier the tissue is, then ultimately the entire organism or person.

Diabetics need healthy cells to detect and respond to insulin, which is made from special Beta cells in the pancreas.

Your natural insulin is basically a messenger molecule, a kind of hormone which plays an important role in the regulation and metabolism of blood sugar.

In order to help the natural healing process along to cure diabetes, it’s vital you learn how to nurture healthy Beta cells.

Fact is by carefully controlling the environment around your cells you can nurture Beta cell health and overcome diabetes.

The new science of epigenetics has revealed that your genes can be turned on and off by at will. This discovery gives Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) the tools it needs to defeat all degenerative dis-ease — your diabetes is no exception.

Whether it’s diabetes type 1 or diabetes type 2, cell membrane health is the determining factor in whether optimal health will be restored or not.

The Mama Nature’s Miracle Minerals

One of the quickest ways to nurture a natural healing response, for insulin resistance, on-set of diabetes type 1 or type 2, is with minerals . . . especially magnesium.

Nature ensures us with life giving “ionic” minerals through the eating of plants or through the salt minerals found in the sea or pristine ground water.

Diabetes is a type of auto-immune imbalance related to inflammation and as it turns out magnesium is Mama Nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory solution.

Magnesium is the silent hero most people never give enough credit to. As you may already know, all minerals are necessary to help cells absorb nutrients and activate enzymes which run thousands of metabolic systems . . . blood sugar regulation is only one of them.

Studies published in the American Journal of Medicine adds to the growing body of evidence that magnesium helps proper genetic expression, reduces inflammation and increases insulin efficiency.

This is great news for all diabetics, whether diabetes type 1 or type 2 and including millions of people suffering from insulin resistance (insensitivity). The studies noted that magnesium triggered "gene expression" by  turning off the genes linked to inflammatory pathways.

Bottom line is magnesium is being recognized as even more important than calcium. You need two magnesium molecules for every one calcium molecule. Without magnesium, calcium becomes a toxic burden to cell membrane health.

The findings constantly point out magnesium is beneficial for overall cell membrane health, as well as proper genetic expression.

There is no magic pill that will cure diabetes. However, diabetics can be cured from diabetes type 1 or type 2 by helping nurture natural healing mechanisms. The first step is to start removing the blocks to curing diabetes naturally.

To cure diabetes, first eliminate toxicity and then provide proper nutrition at the cellular level, this will allow the healing process to function more efficiently.

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February 7, 2011

Healing Diabetes Isn’t Anything New . . .

Diabetes type 2 was first clinically defeated in America back in the 1920’s when Dr. Max Gershon helped Albert Schweitzer to be healed from Diabetes mellitus (diabetes type 2).

The key to their victory over diabetes is to be found by enjoying a simple diet of raw plant-based foods.

More validating research about the healing diabetes with raw plant-based foods has been published by many leading scientists, including Drs. Neal Barnard, Gabriel Cousens and James Anderson.

The new science called “epigenetics” has deepened our understanding between raw, indigenous plant-based foods, cellular health and our ancient DNA.

One of the most notable discoveries of our time is how these foods energetically communicate with human gene expression.

Being able to quickly turn good genes on and bad genes off with living foods puts YOU in direct control of your diabetes.

Start your own “Self Health Revolution” today with a complete health makeover. Start with upgrading your genes with an anti-diabetic raw plant-based diet.

You can transform your life by activating your own healing experience using living, organic heirloom foods.

Human and plant DNA have basically remained the same dawn of time. The only difference is the way they “express” themselves through the food we eat.

Epigenetics teaches us that we have hidden connections from our gene to the environment, through food — specifically though eating plenty of raw living plants.

Diabetes Is A “Green” Deficiency

Diabetes is an immune system imbalance, which begins with the loss of energy at the cellular level. Restore balance and increase life energy with food and exercise.

Green plant blood, or chlorophyll, is virtually the same as red human blood, except instead of having a molecule of iron at the core plants have magnesium.

As it turns out, magnesium plays a key role in more than 300 enzyme metabolisms, acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, plus is a major cofactor in helping cells absorb vitamins.

Another interesting fact is when you eat processed or cooked foods; they literally activate low-grade inflammation by triggering your immune system to make too many white blood cells. This whole process depletes the “green” mineral magnesium and leads to insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is another way of describing the early stages of diabetes type 2, also called pre-diabetes.

Cooked food is seen by your immune system as a foreign invader and the white blood cells are made to “prepare to fight” a possible infection.

Raw plant-based food has the opposite effect; they reduce inflammation.

Eating plant-based foods provide many benefits because they are rich in natural enzymes, “ionic” minerals and vital nutrients necessary for healthy cell membranes.

The cure for insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and diabetes mellitus type 2, along with many other health concerns, is learning how to properly nurture healthy cell membranes. That’s it. Healthy cells tend to make healthy organs, which further anti-diabetic benefits on your overall health and wellness.

You were born to heal,

Martin Jacobse

Health Advocate

P.S. If you have diabetes or are a high risk for onset of diabetes mellitus type 2, stop doing what you have been doing . . . it caused this problem. Once you stop harming yourself, start helping yourself heal at the genetic and cellular levels on up by eating more raw plants and getting plenty of fresh air, sunlight and mild exercise on a daily basis.

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January 13, 2011

37.7% Of Diabetics are Coach Potatoes

Did you know that inactivity increases the need for insulin, even if you’re a type 1 diabetic?

It may surprise you to learn that mild exercise is even more effective for lowering high blood sugar levels to normal levels than an insulin shot.

Physical activity enhances your muscle cell’s ability to use insulin and blood sugar and takes the stress off your insulin creating pancreainsultic cells.

New science has discovered that even mild exercise improves the health of your cell membranes making them more sensitive to insulin and glucose absorption.

Just 30 minutes of brisk walking a day has been proven to reduce to risk of diabetes type 2 by 30% (from the famous Nurses’ Health Study).

The 11 biggest risk factors for diabetes and diabetics alike are:

  • Inactivity
  • Obesity
  • Eating processed foods
  • High sugar diet
  • Low fiber diet
  • High insulin index diet
  • High animal protein diet
  • Heavy metals
  • Vaccines
  • Smoking
  • Caffeine

The problem with diabetes in America is 65% of us are overweight and about 37% are obese. Some leading experts predict that for the first time in recorded history this generation’s children won’t live as long as their parents.

Children are so very vulnerable and the scourge of Western medicine and biologically toxic diet habits are taking a deadly toll on them.

Recently, many leading health professionals are looking at diabetes as an early symptom of heart disease. It is possible that obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer are all associated with the same trigger . . . the Western diet.

Fact is most diabetics don’t die from diabetes, they die from cardiovascular disorders or what’s called “diabetic complications,” like poor circulation.

It seems there are way more health complications in America than cures.

Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent researching diabetic cures, lowering blood sugar and insulin receptivity, and the more than $250 billion generated by selling drugs to Americans, we’re still not seeing degenerative disease rates dropping.

Even though they can all be cured by the “right” diet, water and exercise.

Instead, major disease rates like diabetes and its “complications” have recently remained high in the US.

To add insult to injury, the cost of medical care is still the highest in the world.

Diabetes is totally curable with diet and lifestyle modifications that are so much easier than playing the disease management game.

The richer your diet is in nutrients contained in plant-based food sources, the lower the risk of chronic disorders like diabetes.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faassé

Health Advocate

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January 10, 2011

Diabetes Is A Toothless Paper Tiger!

What if you discovered most all diseases, including diabetes, are all caused from the same thing??? Would you even believe it?

Let’s face it: we live in a drug-driven culture where the pharmaceutical drug companies earn 4-5 times for money than ANY other Fortune 500 businesses. Who do you think controls most all the information about diabetes you hear or see?

The truth is you will never hear a commercial telling you how to change your diet and lifestyle to reverse your diabetes type 1 or type 2.

Diabetes is just a simple immune system disorder — it’s not really even a disease.

There is no scientific proof you have this diabetes “disease” at all. Has your doctor taken a photo of your diabetes disease?

Technically, diabetes is a simple curable “disorder” responsible for a lot of medical drug sales.

People are being cured of diabetes every day. In fact, more often than not, a placebo (inert pill) will help your diabetes symptoms better than any pharmaceutical drugs.

The power of the mind is as important to reversing your diabetes, as is the proper diet and adequate exercise.

There is so much evidence-based science that proves diabetes can be cured; it’s not even funny.

Yes, I’m talking about type 1, type 2 or even the NEW type 3 diabetes.

You basically have two choices:

  • The Pharmaceutical Drug Approach: Focuses on single nutrients and their synthetic counterfeits, or drugs whose long-term benefits are highly questionable. This practice is about 150 years old.
  • The Nutritional Approach: Uses highly integrated effects of all whole food nutrients with a more “natural” flair. This approach to healing is thousands of years old.

The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted

The startling implications for diet, weight loss and long-term health revealed in The China Study is one of those inarguable studies that is changing the way we look at science and health forever.

It reveals the diabetes monster is nothing but a toothless paper tiger.

Most immune disorders, like diabetes, heart disease and cancer all have a common trigger known as INFLAMMATION.

This is one of the most important discoveries of our time. Don’t write is off because of its outrageous simplicity.

If you want to go into it and understand the true cause of your diabetes symptoms, you’ll learn to see inflammation as a cry for nutritional help, not pharmaceutical drugs.

Inflammation can affect any cell in your body. The type of cell that is inflamed will determine what symptoms you will have. Inflammation of your liver, heart or pancreatic cells all have different results, but that would never rule out that they may all have the same cause.

I’m sure you would agree knowing your diabetes (type 1 or type 2) is a curable “symptom of inflammation” does make it easier to have faith that your diabetes can really be cured, which is the first and most important step to your total recovery: properly informed belief.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faassé

Health Advocate

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